Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New Design in my Etsy Store

It's funny sometimes how I will to my studio and not having a clue with what I will create and then the light goes on and presto!
I make alot of small canes compared to other polymer clay artists, I sit among over 70 different canes and ponder what I want to create. Then I will make a skinner blend of the colors in the cane and wrap the cane for a border. Sometimes I am not sure and wait a few days before I make the decision.
Everday I see patterns and colors and want to make a cane to resemble them. One day my daughter came over for a visit and the shirt she was wearing was so colorful, I ofhad to snap a picture of it and then run to my studio to copy it! She thought I was insane.
Speaking of colors, I love these beads.

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Cherin Poovey said...

i love those beads too! i'm the same way about being inspired by the most unusual things.