Friday, December 03, 2010

Looking like a kitchen!

The cabinets are in and the appliances! You can see in this picture to the left the space we have gained by tearing out that wall.

The saga of the stupid cabinet

Now comes the dilema of another stupid cabinet! This cabinet will be removed. We had them design it so it can be opened in the front for more space, but the kitchen designer did not do a good job! The left side of this cabinet it touching the trim and it will NOT OPEN.... Arghhhh

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

The cabinets are going up!

Now that's progress! It's beginning to look like a kitchen. No sink for awhile though.

We're getting there!

Well we finally did it! Yes... no more stupid corner! There was duct work for heating out into the garage! All these years of wondering what was behind that wall. The duct work was not even connected , just standing upright.

And the cabinets go!!!

Now we are getting somewhere! The cabinets are being removed and then that stupid corner! You can also see the pipe running thru the cabinets.
We're getting there~!

More before pictures

Another view of the stupid corner. You can see how the drawer would open into the stove! The cabinet below could only open 1/4 of the way and inside that cabinet was the plumbing pipe going thru the cabinet, so that was totally usless...

The Kitchen Remodel

Once upon a time, there was a ugly, dysfunctional kitchen in my house. When we originally moved here, we had no intentions of doing any remodeling of the kitchen. Too big of a project for me ( the control freak to deal with). We literally had no cabinet space due to a design ( total disaster) that the builder did originally. We had a corner in our wall that served no purpose other than obstructing the drawer from opening .
Finally after years of aggravation, we decided to attack the kitchen disaster. Rip out that wall and find out what is behind there. So, I am doing the before, during and after of this project. Mess? I can't believe that I the control freak can deal with this. Not having any kitchen to function with is a hardship. I know it will be worth it in the end.
See that stupid corner?